Always Be An Emerging Artist

Always Be An Emerging Artist, April 24, 2012

Wright, Buck, D'Acquisto, and Kennedy (an excerpt)

Daniel Galas

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My next stop was the Garrison Art Center in Garrison, NY and then the Marina Gallery in Cold Spring, NY. Both places are excellent venues for art, but more impressive than the spaces were the exhibitions they were showing. Deborah Buck's retrospective "Inside Out" presents work that span twenty years of her painting career. The press release reads: "Now living and working in New York City, Buck is originally from Baltimore and credits her early artistic and intellectual development to her encounters with the legendary Abstract Expressionist painter Clyfford Still."

In her artist statement she says: "These paintings are fractured fairytales — dark explorations of the messy, in-between stages of moving through life. I’m interested in the fables that have been passed along to children since the beginning of time, and how archetypal, oft-idealistic narratives tend to shift and fall apart as time passes. The language of storytelling — colloquialisms, old wives’ tales, ironic turns of phrase — interest me as a means of developing cultural mythologies. These alleged truisms, along with an interest in psychoanalytic and surrealist tropes, inform the stark, yet playful narratives that drive my work."

I was initially attracted to her work because of the bold and curious semi-familiar/representational forms in her mixed media drawings and oil paintings. The texture and layering in these works give them character; the size of them is just large enough; and the mix of 3D rendering with 2D mark-making gives these works a primitive or naive look (which I'm a huge fan of). The only thing that I find distracting is her use of glitter. Sure, she uses it sparingly but it give these works a crafty/decorative feel that disrupts my contemplation of them. You can see more of her work on her website (